Go Your Own Way (Part Two: The Heap)

This post is part of an ongoing series on garbage collection in the D Programming Language, and the second of two regarding the allocation of memory outside of the GC. Part One discusses stack allocation. Here, we’ll look at allocating memory from the non-GC heap.

Life in the Fast Lane

The first post I wrote in the GC series introduced the D garbage collector and the language features that use it. Two key points that I tried to get across in the article were: The GC can only run when memory allocations are requested. Contrary to popular misconception, the D GC isn’t generally going to… Continue reading Life in the Fast Lane

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automem: Hands-Free RAII for D

Átila Neves has used both C++ and D professionally. He’s responsible for several D libraries and tools, like unit-threaded, cerealed, and reggae. Garbage collected languages tend to suffer from a framing problem, and D is no exception. Its inclusion of a mark-and-sweep garbage collector makes safe memory management easy and convenient, but, thanks to a… Continue reading automem: Hands-Free RAII for D

Don’t Fear the Reaper

D, like many other programming languages in active use today, comes with a garbage collector out of the box. There are many types of software that can be written without worrying at all about the GC, taking full advantage of its benefits. But the GC does have drawbacks, and there are certainly scenarios in which… Continue reading Don’t Fear the Reaper