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Change Log: 2.075.1

previous version: 2.075.0

Download D 2.075.1
released Aug 11, 2017

List of all bug fixes and enhancements in D 2.075.1.

List of all bug fixes and enhancements in D 2.075.1:

DMD Compiler regressions

  1. Bugzilla 17622: [REG2.075.0-b1] Wrong code with appender and -inline
  2. Bugzilla 17676: [REG 2.075] bad inlining of functions with multiple return statements
  3. Bugzilla 17677: [REG 2.073.0] ICE when adding ulong to cfloat
  4. Bugzilla 17684: [REG 2.062] static alias this bug or incomplete implementation?
  5. Bugzilla 17686: [REG2.075.0] Covariant return types doesn't work with override in some cases

DMD Compiler bugs

  1. Bugzilla 17646: dmd segfaults on missing foreach body in import

Phobos regressions

  1. Bugzilla 17192: ParameterDefaults fails when parameter is called "i"

Phobos bugs

  1. Bugzilla 17667: regex([r".", r"[\(\{[\]\}\)]"]);
  2. Bugzilla 17668: regex(q"<[^]>")
previous version: 2.075.0