Cache the contents from files read from disk into memory.


Walter Bright

Source: filecache.d

  • Declaration

    class FileAndLines;

    A line-by-line representation of a .

    • Declaration

      nothrow this(const(char)[] filename);

      File to read and split into its lines.

  • Declaration

    struct FileCache;

    A simple file cache that can be used to avoid reading the same file multiple times. It stores its cached files as

    • Declaration

      nothrow FileAndLines addOrGetFile(const(char)[] file);

      Add or get a file from the file cache. If the file isn't part of the cache, it will be read from the filesystem. If the file has been read before, the cached file object will be returned


      const(char)[] file

      file to load in (or get from) the cache

      Return Value

      a object containing a line-by-line representation of the requested file