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std.typecons.RefCounted.RefCountedStore/refCountedStore - multiple declarations

Function RefCounted.refCountedStore

Returns storage implementation struct.

inout ref inout(RefCounted.RefCountedStore) refCountedStore() nothrow @property @safe;

Struct RefCounted.RefCountedStore

RefCounted storage implementation.

struct RefCountedStore ;


isInitialized[get] boolReturns true if and only if the underlying store has been allocated and initialized.
refCount[get] size_tReturns underlying reference count if it is allocated and initialized (a positive integer), and 0 otherwise.


ensureInitialized Makes sure the payload was properly initialized. Such a call is typically inserted before using the payload.


Andrei Alexandrescu, Bartosz Milewski, Don Clugston, Shin Fujishiro, Kenji Hara


Boost License 1.0.