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Function std.math.rndtonl

Deprecated. Please use round instead.

deprecated extern(C) real rndtonl (
  real x

Returns x rounded to a long value using the FE_TONEAREST rounding mode. If the integer value of x is greater than long.max, the result is indeterminate.

Only works with the Digital Mars C Runtime.


x the number to round


x rounded to an integer value


version (CRuntime_DigitalMars)
    assert(rndtonl(1.0) is -real.nan);
    assert(rndtonl(1.2) is -real.nan);
    assert(rndtonl(1.7) is -real.nan);
    assert(rndtonl(1.0001) is -real.nan);

* Compute square root of x.
*      <table border="1" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0">
              <caption>Special Values</caption>
              *      <tr><th scope="col">x</th>         <th scope="col">sqrt(x)</th>   <th scope="col">invalid?</th></tr>
*      <tr><td>-0.0</td>      <td>-0.0</td>      <td>no</td></tr>
*      <tr><td>&lt;0.0</td>  <td><span class="red">NAN</span></td>    <td>yes</td></tr>
*      <tr><td>+&infin;</td> <td>+&infin;</td> <td>no</td></tr>
*      </table>
float sqrt(float x) @nogc @safe pure nothrow { pragma(inline, true); return sqrt(x); 


Walter Bright, Don Clugston, Conversion of CEPHES math library to D by Iain Buclaw and David Nadlinger


Boost License 1.0.