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Module ddmd.dscope

Compiler implementation of the D programming language.

Enum values

Name Type Description
CSXany_ctor either this() or super() was called
CSXhalt assert(0)
CSXlabel seen a label
CSXreturn seen a return statement
CSXsuper referenced super
CSXsuper_ctor called super()
CSXthis referenced this
CSXthis_ctor called this()
SCOPEcompile inside _traits(compile)
SCOPEcondition inside static if/assert condition
SCOPEconstraint inside template constraint
SCOPEcontract [mask] we're inside contract code
SCOPEctfe inside a ctfe-only expression
SCOPEctor constructor type
SCOPEdebug inside debug conditional
SCOPEensure inside out contract code
SCOPEfullinst fully instantiate templates
SCOPEignoresymbolvisibility ignore symbol visibility
SCOPEinvariant inside invariant code
SCOPEnoaccesscheck don't do access checks
SCOPErequire inside in contract code


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0